Utbildning inom kommunikationsradio

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We have courses in basic radio communication, configuration and system design. Invest in your knowledge!

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We offer courses for you who want to learn more about communication radio, how to configure radios or how to design communcation radio systems. Get in touch with us and we will put together course materials suitable to your needs.

Konfigurering av kommunikationsradio

Learning to configure a communcation radio consists of much more than connecting the radio to your computer.
We cover the basics of the configuration programs and all the essential settings and features required to get your communication right.
In the same way, we go through the structure of the radio itself and the technology inside to better understand what happens when you transmit.

På samma sätt går vi igenom själva komradions uppbyggnad och själva tekniken inuti för att ge en bättre förståelse om vad det är som händer när du anropar eller blir anropad av dina kollegor.

Communication radio

  • Radio components
  • Technology
  • Analog & digital
  • Pros & cons with the different technologies


  • Software
  • Parameter setting
  • Functions for different needs and purposes

In system design, we go from planning to finished system. We take a look at all the building blocks of a system and how they are connected to each other. At the end of the course, we have a better understanding of what different systems look like and the approach to developing the most optimal solution for different types of projects and environments.

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